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Types Of Cloud Computing | Cloud computing Details

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing, Types of Cloud Computing :  in this modern era people have different types of works by which they serve their services. Likewise many people sell their services in internet by providing storage, servers and many other services. This group of people who sell this types of cloud computing services are know as cloud providers . The cloud computing is basically are classified on the basis of their location, and by the services they offer to the users. Uses Of Cloud Computing Their are many uses of cloud computing in our day to day life. Although you do not realize that you are currently using cloud computing, most of us use an online service to send emails, view documents, watch movies, etc. It is likely that the cloud computing screen is behind. It makes all this possible. Types Of Cloud Computing Cloud computing have different types some of them fall into several Categories such as Infrastructure as service (iaas), Software as service (SaaS), platform as