Were you looking for WBBSE Books for Class 1? Skim through this article to learn about WBBSE (West Bengal Board of Secondary Education). In the end, you will find your class 1 pdf. We provide you with materials that will be useful for your competitive exams. We help you increase your knowledge.

Before downloading the WBBSE Class 1 book, know a little about WBBSE. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is an independent examination body for secondary school examinations. This examination body was set up and administered by the Bengal Government in 1951.

WBBSE Class 1 books:

WBBSE’s senior experts have prepared all subject books for Class 1. These books give in-depth and age-appropriate knowledge before the students get promoted to Class 2. The students will score better and get more understanding by reading the textbooks. Our Readers have also been requesting to upload these books for their competitive exam preparations.

All the books are in Bengali medium.The books are: Amar Boi Book, Washtya O Sharirik Shiksha Book, Sahaj Path Book.These books cover essential concepts and topics and help students in competitive exam preparation. It motivates the competitive exam candidates if they start from the basics in WBBSE Class 1 book. All WBBSE books are accessible in a pdf format.

What are the Benefits of WBBSE Class 1 books?

Senior experts have prepared in such a way that it gives crystal CLEAR knowledge to both students and teachers. It is a good guide for teachers of class 1 to teach students in a better way. It is prepared in an understandable way. So that students can engage in self-study. It gives an overview/summary of a particular chapter at its end.All topics are with utmost clarity, and students not only read the text but also have well-graded exercises and questions to invoke curiosity.As we mentioned earlier, it’s the starting point for all preparing for competitive exams.

How to download WBBSE CLASS 1 PDF?

GreenExpo will be your forever friend who helps you gain more knowledge by providing adequate study materials. Just bookmark our page, and you will know about all the latest updates.

Okay. Now, let me tell you the steps to download.

  • Go to www.GreenExpo.in
  • On the home page, you will find all the latest uploads.
  • Click on the State books option and choose West Bengal to access all the WBBSE books in pdf format.
  • Just click on the WBBSE class 1 books folder, and it gets downloaded on whatever device you’re using.


  1. Where to find West Bengal Board Textbooks?

You can find all WBBSE subject books (Class 1 to Class 12) on our page www.GreenExpo.in. Just click on the material you are looking for, and it will get downloaded on your device. You will be able to score good grades if you’re thorough with concepts in the textbooks.

  • How are WBBSE Class 1 books benefitting the students?

All the fundamental topics are covered in this book. It makes the students more curious to think and learn more because of their well-graded questions and exercises. It is a perfect guide as a student can engage in self-study study and get a comprehensive idea about each topic. Moreover, it’s a good start for people who are preparing for competitive exams. Each chapter has an overview/summary at the end, which gives a revision. The outline will help you remember and keep the concepts at your fingertips.

  • How to prepare for the West Bengal Board exams?

West Bengal Board exams textbook pdf are available on our page. Initially, skim through the topics given in the book to get an idea about what interests you the most. Starting from what is interesting will motivate you to study and get good grades. The material has in-depth knowledge, but staying calm and focused while learning is all you have to do.

  • How to download WBBSE CLASS 1 PDF?

It’s effortless. You have to click on West Bengal under the State Books option. You will find textbooks from Classes 1 to 12. We have provided books in a clear pdf format. Just click the required folder to download it on your device.


Hello students,It’s great to know that you have got what you were looking for. WBBSE CLASS 1 Textbooks are really going to help you learn all the important topics with excellent exercises to make you more curious and creative.If you feel that we have missed something, please leave a comment below. We are here to help you provide all the material to equip yourself academically.

Happy learning, everyone! Stay tuned with us. We wish you all the very best. Not only exams. Also, for daily learning.


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