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Once again, it’s GreenExpo.in welcoming to provide you with excellent study materials, syllabus, and state board textbook pdfs. We are happy that you are revisiting our site to download the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) textbooks Class 2 PDF. This is the right place to download free textbook pdfs, and you will get all WBBSE textbook pdfs for class 2.

Firstly, congratulations to those who got promoted to Class 2, and All the very best to those preparing for competitive exams. Let’s get into the article and see how we can help you download the West Bengal Board Class 2 textbooks PDF.

Dear Primary student’s parents,

We know that you are searching for Pre-primary e-textbooks to teach your kids. WBBSE Class 2 textbooks are essential for your kids to prepare for primary exams and successfully get promoted to the next class. So, download the required pdfs on your device. If you can’t access any of the books, please write a comment below. We will immediately fix the problem.


The West Bengal Board has released the books for the academic year 2022-23. The books are available in Bangla, Hindi, and English. The readers can read and learn in their chosen language. Each subject gives in-depth knowledge about the field. The experts have put in efforts to prepare solid and essential content for the class 3 students. Class 3 students will get an overview of all topics before being promoted to the next class.


Here is the list of books for Class 2.

  • Sahaj Path Class II (Rapid Reader Book For Class 2)
  • Swasthya O Sharirsiksha Class II (Physical Education Book For Class 2)
  • Amar Boi Class II (Bengali Text Book For Class 2).


The WBBSE Class 2 books are available in 3 languages (Bangla, Hindi, and English). The syllabus for each subject is very strong. All the necessary topics are tightly packed within the syllabus. The books are prepared in an understandable way for the readers to do self-study.

Every chapter has in-depth knowledge and well-graded and thought-provoking questions and exercises for the students. The activities are in such a way that the students must know to apply the learned knowledge practically. At the end of every chapter, a summary is easy for both teachers and students to glance through. It is a good guide for teachers to be involved in excellent teaching for class 2 students. The students can also make notes on their own. It motivates the students to learn more when they are very interested in self-study.

How to Download WBBSE CLASS 3 Book Pdf?

  • Go to GreenExpo.in
  • In the top right corner of your phone, you will see three lines. Click on that. (On the computer, click on state books on the header and select West Bengal).
  • Now you will be able to see the folders of WBBSE Class 2 books. Click on the folders and download the required books.


  1. How and where to download the WBBSE CLASS 2 Textbook pdf?

Visit GreenExpo and search for WBBSE Class 2 Books under State books. You will find Pdf folders at the end of the article. Just with one tap on the folder, the Pdf will open. Hit the download option. The pdf will get downloaded on your device. 

  • Do WBBSE class 2 books contain all required topics?

The WBBSE has senior experts framing the syllabi and preparing strong content, questions, and exercises that trigger students’ curiosity. It contains all the important information.

  • Is this an official site of WBBSE?

No. You may also visit www.wbsed.gov.in to download the class 2 books. But we have given the direct link at the end of the article. 


We hope that this article was of great use to you. Learning isn’t a one-day activity. It’s an ongoing process. Visit our site daily and learn with interest and enthusiasm to get better knowledge. Keep making progress in knowledge attainment. We support you. Please share it with your friends. Let them also benefit. For the latest updates, stay tuned with us forever. See you soon in the next article.


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