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Hello greenxpo.in visitors, We are so happy to see you today. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has released books for class 5. You may also download the books from the official website www.wbsed.gov.in. But, we are also here to provide you with class 5 book PDFs along with some motivation and study tips. Aren’t you looking for some motivation from someone? Studying can become the toughest task if we don’t have proper guidance and motivation. Think of learning as fun and think that you are enhancing your Skills for a better tomorrow. It becomes all the more easier. Just keep the spirits high and continue reading.

As primary students’ parents and competitive exam aspirants requested, we have uploaded WBBSE Class 5 book PDFs.
Come on. Let’s download WBBSE CLASS 5 PDFs and continue learning.


On our site, you can download WBBSE Class 5 for free. These WBBSE class 5 e-textbooks are very helpful for competitive exams that happen in West Bengal. The books serve as a good practice for SSC, RRC, RRB, Railway, PSC, WBPS, UPSC, Police, or any kind of competitive exam. Keep reading and you will find the pdfs at the end.


A proper set of books are needed for a class 5 student to excel in his academics. So here is the list of books available for class 5 students.
Butterfly Class V (English Book For Class)

  • Amar Ganit Class V (Mathematics Book For Class 5)
  • Amader Paribesh Class V (Environmental Science Book For Class 5)
  • Swasthya O Sharirik Shiksha Class V (Physical Education Book For Class 5)
  • Bhasa Path Class V (Bengali Grammar Book For Class 5)
  • Patabahar Class V (Bengali Text Book For Class 5)

Follow the steps:

  • Visit www.greenexpo.in
  • Find the option “State Books”
  • Select “West Bengal” under the option “State Books”
  • You will see all the required books released by WBBSE
  • Select WBBSE Class 5 book pdfs
  • Click the folders to download any required subject book

Note: This is not an official site but we provide you exactly the same books released by the WBBSE. You may also visit www.wbsed.gov.in and take a look at the e-books available.


There are 6 books released by the WBBSE for class 5. The set of books contain English, Maths, Environmental science, Physical education, Grammar and Bengali textbooks.
All the books are available for free on our website. All the above-mentioned books are written and reviewed by senior experts of the WBBSE.

They have prepared these books keeping in mind the age of the students. All required topics and concepts are explained simply and clearly. It serves as a good guide for the class teachers. The students can even do self-study using these books. The pictures and the graphics draw the attention of the students and make them learn the concepts easily.

To your special notice, the physical education Book has amazing pictures and clear-cut descriptions of basic yoga and exercises. It emphasizes the importance of regular exercise and physical activity. All the other subject books have facts and information and provide students with in-depth knowledge.

The maths book has a lot of problems to practice at home. The environmental sciences talk about the surrounding, the importance of maintaining them and spreads awareness. The activities and questions at the end of each chapter make the students think and invoke curiosity. The summary/overview provides the gist of the whole chapter without missing out on any important information. The summaries help the students to revise before exams and get better grades.


Will my class 5 child get better grades by learning from the WBBSE Class 5 books?

Yes. The WBBSE Class 5 Books are more than enough for your 10-year-old child to gain the required knowledge for his/her age and score better in exams. The experts have written the books with proper information, facts and guidance for the students. In simple terms, the WBBSE class 5 books are tightly packed with knowledge.

Are these WBBSE Class 5 books useful for my competitive exam preparation?

Yes. These WBBSE class 5 e-textbooks are very helpful for competitive exams that happen in West Bengal. The books serve as a good practice for SSC, RRC, RRB, Railway, PSC, WBPS, UPSC, Police, or any kind of competitive exam.

What are the Benefits of learning from the WBBSE Class 5 books?
In brief, the WBBSE class 5 books have well-graded questions and activities that make students curious and apply what they have learnt from the whole chapter. It is written in simple language for the students to engage in self-study. It is not only helpful for class 5 students to score good grades. But it is also helpful for those who are preparing for competitive exams. The gist of the whole chapter is provided at the end of each chapter for better understanding and revision of concepts.


We have come to the end of the article. Here is a small study tip for you all. Take a break of 5 to 10 minutes after every 30 minutes of study. It is psychologically proven that rewarding yourself for the hard work you put in will motivate you to be consistent in whatever you do. Do you agree with me? I can hear YES! Good! For more such tips, e-textbooks and study materials, bookmark our site. Visit daily for the latest updates. Stay tuned with us and have a happy learning day.


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