Every day, we learn something, and it is not only for scoring high grades. But also to enhance the skills and talents that interest us the most.

The books play a vital role in helping the students enhance their skills and practical knowledge. School Education is for 12 to 14 years. So, it is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to provide them with adequate knowledge and help them find their field of interest as they grow. Students get upgraded each year in 12 to 14 years of school education. The books they learn also get advanced for in-depth learning. The Internet may have different content about any topic that you search for. But, learning from books by looking at the pictures shown gives you a very different feeling.

In this article, Let’s get promoted to class 3. Were you looking to download the WBBSE Class 3 PDF? You are in the right place. So keep scrolling and reading to know the list of books, benefits, and downloading procedures.

This is your site where you get to download free WBBSE class 3 books pdf. I assure you that you will learn something on this site. So let’s get started.


Here is the list of WBBSE CLASS 3 Books you were looking for.

  • Amader paribesh class III
  • Amar ganit class III
  • Butterfly class III English book pdf
  • Health and physical education class III
  • Patabahar book class III

Amader Paribesh Class III:

  • Contains 296 pages
  • Provides more additional information
  • Very much helpful to gain extra knowledge

Amar ganit Class III:

  • Contains 212 pages
  • It’s a basic math book for class III
  • Provides sums at the end of the chapter to practice

Butterfly English Book Class III:

  • Contains 144 pages
  • The book is more colorful and appealing for the students to read.

Health and Physical Education Class III

  • Contains 68 pages
  • The book is all about health and physical exercises
  • Students will know. the importance of good physical health, and this book helps to involve students in regular physical activity
  •  You can Basic Yoga from this book
  • It’s a colorful book with descriptions in Bengali

Patabahar Book Class III:

  • It contains 168 pages with ten chapters
  • Every chapter has Bengali stories


The WBBSE class 3 coursebooks are composed of specialists in their particular fields. These books are accessible in all languages and will help the students clear their doubts about any subject. The subject-wise books of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education class 3 are highly recommended to the students who need to get better grades on the tests. These books additionally incorporate skills that assist the students in solving any exam question.

The class 3 Textbooks lead the way better for students to obtain information. The reading material helps learn new facts and information about a specific subject. It works well to direct teachers and students about particular subjects. It is a perfect guide for teachers, and students can also learn all by themselves. All the topics are in an understandable fashion, and students can make notes by themselves. The summary, well-graded questions, and activities are highly spoken about in the WBBSE books. The students of class 3 can score good grades by learning and practicing the activities in the books. Candidates preparing for competitive exams can learn from WBBSE class 3 books. It is very useful for exam preparation.


  • Go to www.greenexpo.in
  • In the top right corner of your phone, you will see three lines. You can click on that and select the state of West Bengal under state books. (On PC, click “state books” and choose “West Bengal” on the header).
  • Now you will see all the required book pdf for class III
  • Just click on the folder to download the book pdf to your device.

You may also visit the official website of www.wbsed.gov.in to download the WBBSE class 3 books.

Note: If you have any difficulty downloading or if it shows an error, please drop a comment below. We will fix the problem as soon as possible.


  1. Do WBBSE Class 3 books provide adequate information related to the subjects?

A big yes. The experts in their respective fields have put in many facts, information, and activities to serve the proper purpose of learning. The content in the books are more adequate for a class III student. It makes the students practice the learned lesson at the end of each chapter, giving an overall understanding.

2. How are WBBSE class 3 Health and physical education books?

Having a book exclusively for understanding the importance of health is very useful for parents, teachers, and students. Simple yoga techniques with clear descriptions in Bengali help students practice and benefit from it. The book is very much appealing, with more colorful pictures and proper instructions to carry out each exercise.

3. Do WBBSE CLASS 3 books help to score good marks in exams?

Students would get a good clarity about every topic if they focused properly. It gives good grades and helps to enhance the skills and find one’s area of interest. It is appreciated for its contribution to building career-based learning in every class textbook. Just by reading the summary, a student can get better grades. So if students read the whole lesson, they will gain a lot of knowledge and confidence to attend exams.


I hope that this article was helpful. Please let us know if you want us to upload any other material. Visit our site daily for the latest updates. Let’s engage in forever learning. I wish all my reader’s happy learning.Visit GreenExpo.in, download the book pdfs, understand all topics better, score higher, and shine brighter in academics. Bookmark our page.

Stay tuned and have a productive day.


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